Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cambodia part two: Party!

Cambodia Blog 2
Party time!
November 10th 2010

For me this is the perfect day: I work hard, I do something worth doing, and I party hard with awesome people. This perfect trio was my today! I am exhausted and covered in dirt, sweat and bugspray an inch thick, but I feel wonderful!

So today around 30 Norwegians came to visit, the reason for the flurry of activity the past few days (getting up lights on the stage, electrical wiring, cleaning, etc). The kids performed a dance, we all ate dinner together, and then the orphans turned on the charm. I have never seen anyone go for the heartstrings more viciously! Most of the kids grabbed a Norwegian by the hand and showed them around the complex, sitting on their laps and chattering at them, and then they dragged them all onto the dance floor for a rousing party!

I have been to several dance parties, and I can say this was the strangest, and also one of the most fun! No grinding! Freaking Americans don’t know the difference between dancing and bedroom activities!) It was an amusing sight, retired Norwegians bobbing and dancing and clapping to the music amidst crowds of delighted Asian children and groups of young adults from Cambodia, Ireland, Germany and America. We danced to music from the horrors of American pop like ‘Low’ to traditional Cambodian songs were the other female volunteers and I got to show off the Cambodian dance moves the staff taught us that afternoon! If you bug me about it when I come home, you too can dance like a Cambodian ;-)

Now, for your edification and amusement I present to you: an extraordinarily fat monkey.

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