Sunday, November 7, 2010

Brunei part two -- a Borneo Safari

Brunei Blog Part two:
A Borneo Safari

My last night in Brunei was a spectacular one. We took a river tour, loaded on a water taxi and sped down the river into the dusk. The Proboscis Monkeys  (so named for their massive noses) where at first just rustles in the trees, flashes of brown in the green. As we waited, frozen and barely daring to breath they started to emerge, swinging into the trees above our heads. The seemed unconcerned with us, swinging and climbing and munching continuously. (They can eat up to 20 kg of leaves a day! Thus their bulging potbellies.)

We also spotted a Monitor Lizard hanging in a tree before rushing off down the river as the sky rusted into shades of red and pink. The reflection of the sky in the river surrounding us with color as we waited for the last of the color to wash from the sky. When it was dark we went searching for crocodiles, which our boat driver did expertly by shining a spotlight at the banks of the river and looking for the red reflections of crocodile eyes. We found several babies, which eyed us toothily, and were no more than a foot long.

But the best part of the evening for me were the bats! I have always loved bats, and a favorite of mine are the flying foxes. These ruddy, beautiful beasts are truly incredible, boating a 7 foot wingspan. We found them clambering awkwardly about on a tree, munching on fruit. When they flew they were suddenly graceful, soaring across the night as we soared down the river and home.

Images are available on facebook, but not  Multiply yet, as. uploading hasn’t been working lately. I am finishing this Blog from Cambodia where I am temporarily camping out in the living room of Chris, who works at the orphanage. A Cambodia blog will be up tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for posting! Great imagery. I'm so jealous you got to see flying foxes!!!! 7 foot wing span. Wow.

  2. So 7 feet was not a typo? I thought even condors have less of a wingspan than that but in checking I see that condors can go to 9 feet. But you will have to learn and use the metric system now, won't you? I can't imagine they use inches and feet in Cambodia. And here is something fun: Near Charlottesville in Afton, VA, Flying Fox Vineyard produces award-winning Virginia wine. I am still marveling at seven feet.