Saturday, April 9, 2011

Living by example

Cambodia Blog 17
Living by example
Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while. So much for my well intentioned swearing that I would update every week. For those of you who pestered me about continuing -- thank you! I really appreciate that you care about my trip and want to hear about it.

Before getting into my life right now, I want to take some time to think of, and thank, someone who has inspired me my whole life. My Grandmother Luella Bassett died last month peacefully in her sleep. It was a good end, as death goes, but it was the end of a truly great life. My Grandmother spent her life standing up for what she knew was right, campaigning for peace and embodying nonviolent action. She went to jail in her 70s for peacefully protesting nuclear weapons. She is a hero. People sometimes express surprise or admiration for my being here in Cambodia, but for me this is the logical progression of my life. My family is filled with people who have put far more on the line than I to do what is right. Given examples I have lived with the drive to make the world better is as natural to me as my eye color.  I am honored and grateful to be Luella’s granddaughter, and I can only hope to use my life to continue the legacy lived by her, and still being lived by my grandfather Joe. Grampa, I hope you know I have been thinking of you and sending you all my love.

I am wrapping up my time in Cambodia, with just under a week left until I leave for a last adventure in Laos with my friend Niamh. I will post some final thoughts about Cambodia soon, but today I wanted to focus on Luella, and remembering and loving the people that are important to me and made me who I am today.