Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 2011!!! 11 'You're Not in Kansas Anymore' moments

You Know You're Not In America when...
January 4th, 2011
Phnom Pehn, Cambodia

Happy New Year everyone! We celebrated by watching fireworks and dancing on the riverfront. It was a great way to bring in the New Year! I hope everyone else had a great night as well.

To celebrate the beginning of another great year, I shall provide you with a list of some of my favorite Dorthy moments from the trip so far. These are from Hong Kong, Brunei and Cambodia! Enjoy!

You know you’re not in America when:

  • The convince store sells ‘Instant Jellyfish’
  • A sign on the door reads ‘These Door Handles are Disinfected 8 times a day’.
  • The signs around the grocery store warn you to ‘Maintain safe distance from monkeys’
  • The airline cheerfully informs you that the country you are entering will execute you for drug smuggling. 
  • The favorite local delicacy involves no chewing. And it’s not a soup. 
  • The list of things it is illegal to bring across the border include ‘boutique sarongs’
  • The mall advertises it’self as the proud home of the country’s only McDonalds
  • The maximum occupancy of a motobike is five. 
  • A motobike is considered a logical means of transport for: mattresses (up to five at a time), chickens, pigs, large sheets of glass. 
  • Adult men sing ‘Baby’ by Justin Beiber with no apparent sense of shame. 

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